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This particular Kream Carts variant is renowned for its fruity and tangy taste. It belongs to the indica strain category, speculated to be a blend of Kiwi and Sour Apple strains, though its exact lineage remains relatively obscure due to its recent emergence in the cannabis market. The aroma of this strain is equally distinctive, featuring a sweet and earthy fragrance reminiscent of its parent strains.

The Kiwi Sour Apple strain is celebrated for its harmonious effects, often characterized as simultaneously uplifting, energizing, calming, and relaxing. It appeals to individuals seeking a heightened sense of creativity and focus, complemented by a serene ambiance. Described as sweet and tangy, with kiwi and green apple notes, along with subtle earthy undertones, its flavor profile enhances the overall experience.

Kream Carts presents this enticing flavor through their live resin cartridges, renowned for their potency and taste. Their live resin extraction technique preserves the natural terpenes and flavors of the cannabis plant, ensuring a more pleasurable smoking session. Additionally, these cartridges feature a ceramic coil design for uniform heating and consistent draws.


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