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The Jungle Boys Disposable Vape Pen, also known as the Jungle Boys Weed Pen, is designed for consuming a full gram of THC oil. This sleek and stylish device delivers a high-quality vaping experience, boasting a 1.0ml cartridge capacity and a 280mAh battery capacity to ensure smooth and satisfying hits every time. Featuring a 1.4ohm resistance, it guarantees the production of top-notch vapor.

Available in various flavors and strains packaging bags such as Mike Larry, LA Kush Cake, Sour Apple Killer, Jungle Cake, Space Age Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Jungle Apples, High Octane, and Wedding Cake, this rechargeable vape pen caters to diverse preferences. For those interested in the Jungle Boys Empty Vape Pen with premium box packaging, the Jungle Boys Vape Pen with Master Box Packaging offers different vape pen options and packaging, all branded with Jungle Boys.

Each unit of the Jungle Boys Disposable Vape Pen includes a 1ml cartridge, a lid/cap, and a Jungle Boys strain sleeve, facilitating easy filling with THC oil for resale without any inconvenience. It’s important to note that this vape pen is unfilled and does not contain THC oil upon purchase.


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