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Bonehead disposable products offer a great way to relax and embark on the journey toward self-appreciation. Initially, it’s evident that Bonehead 2g disposables are nicknamed “liquid diamonds” due to their diamond-like appearance. Liquid diamonds comprise a potent blend of THC diamonds and live resin extracts. In the creation of live resin, two primary components are crucial: a terpene-rich extract and a THCa diamond portion. These diamonds boast impressively high purity levels, ranging from 96% to 99% real THCa.

In the live resin process, Bone Head Extracts and the diamonds are typically separated. To produce a “liquid diamond,” manufacturers reheat the diamond and reintegrate it into its extract counterpart. Overall, Bonehead liquid diamonds can be regarded as a premium THC distillate of exceptional purity, achieved without traditional distillation methods.


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