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Puff LA carts are a new the disposable carts that are making wave in the vaping market. Puff LA disposables come in 2g currently but we are working to produce our 2.5 gram disposables, Another 2g vape pen making waves is the Pac Man 2 gram disposable cart by Flavorz. The Puff LA disposable is no different. Our Puff LA cartridges follow the highest industry standard when it comes to production. Our Live resin oil is of the highest caliber you can find anywhere on the market today. Once more the effects of our glazed vapes are quite similar to that of mushroom bars such as Fun Guy Chocolate Bars .


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 are real or not. We at PUFF disposables can confirm that the Puff La cart is 100% authentic. We can also confirm that due to our fast growing popularity there are a lot of fakes and cheap knockoff of our carts currently in circulation. This is why we always urge our clients to make purchase from the official Puff LA Disposable website. Again our customers can also verify their carts on our website to see if it is authentic or not.

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